Microfilm, mainframes, and other things that just won’t go away

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Any time you hear or read about someone or some company claiming that a particular technology you still find valuable is not long for this earth (microfilm, mainframes, fax, etc.), be sure you question their motive for saying so. Chances are, they want you to throw out what you have and put in what they’re selling. It may be that you do need to think about a migration strategy, but don’t rush to judgment just because some so-called expert says you have to.

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About the author: Steve Weissman

Steve Weissman is Principal Consultant at Holly Group and Co-Founder of Information Coalition. A trusted advisor for more than 20 years, he is a recognized expert in information governance and process innovation – or as he defines it, in the “’care and feeding’ of critical business information and the technologies used to manage and protect it.” Known as The Info Gov Guy™, Mr. Weissman leverages a proven proprietary methodology to optimize everything from your strategic planning and needs assessment to your vendor selection and user adoption. He is a member of the AIIM Company of Fellows and holder of numerous industry designations, and can be reached at steve@hollygroup.com or 617-383-4655.

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