Mark Your Calendars for These FREE Interactive Online Events!

Join me online for TWO exciting interactive events coming online soon! The first is a webinar on Why ROI & TCO Stink as Measures of System Value – and by clicking here, you can register for FREE! – When: Wednesday, July 16, 11am (Eastern) – With: The IT Metrics & Productivity Institute (ITMPI) The second […]

Information Management and the Impact on Office Space

An article on LinkedIn today about the Great Office Space Debate (open layout vs. closed) reminded me of one of the potentially largest and yet most overlooked opportunities to derive Maximum Total Value from information management: the ability to reduce or eliminate the amount of office space that is eaten up by file cabinets and […]

Map the Moving Parts of Your Information Strategy

Did you ever stop to consider just how many interconnected moving parts there are in the typical content and information management strategy? Client councils, vendor briefings, and association business in just the past few days have dragged yours truly up and down the spectrum of technology and management challenges and dramatically illustrated just how important […]