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“Steve Weissman is the best consultant I’ve ever had the honor of working with, hands down. He is knowledgeable beyond belief and is personable, which makes the work all the easier. He is a breeze to work with and his results are unbelievable – with a track record a mile long. Don’t be distracted by his incredible charm and humor, Weissman is a gentle powerhouse in the ECM and Information Management/Governance space.” – Nick Inglis, InfoAdvocates

“I’ve known Steve for many years now as part of the information management and governance community. He is, without doubt, one of the most knowledgeable, genuine, and helpful people in the space. We’ve worked together less than I would have liked, but on the occasions where he has joined me on various webinars his in-depth experience of working with orgs in highly-regulated industries such as oil & gas, utilities, government & fin svcs shines through.” – David Jones, Instinctive Solutions

“Steve is a great instructor, and I really love his message. Steve knows all about Enterprise Content Management, Business Process Improvement and all that stuff, but his message is all about Value. Steve’s willingness to find a way to extract value from content or provide value from a consulting engagement or training class is his signature strength.” – Dan Antion, American Nuclear Insurers

“Steve has a strong background in ECM and is an excellent speaker and writer. Most important, he understands the strategic implications of technology and how the pieces can be used in synergy to drive business value. Steve is one of those rare individuals who can both teach and implement – showing you how to get the most value out of your legacy systems while embracing the latest in compliance, content management and cloud solutions.” – Chris Ryan, Fusion Marketing Partners

I attended Steve’s ARMA InfoCon conference session “5 Steps to Doing Information Right”. I can’t speak highly enough of the content, the insight and his delivery of the information. Not only was Steve engaging but managed to keep all attendees on their toes with a mixture of hilarity and directly actionable tools to managing their organizations’ Information Governance programs.” – Andrew Cogan, IGP

“Steve Weissman is a talented speaker, instructor, writer, industry analyst, and Information Governance professional. He has been in the industry for over 30 years and has helped many organizations to become more effective with their data and information management. Working primarily as a consultant, Steve has helped some of the world’s largest organizations operate more efficiently, manage risk, and comply with regulations. Firms include leaders in oil & gas, power generation, and transmission, and enterprise software. Plus, other organizations ranging from local government to financial services to industrial contracting.” – Russ Stalters

“I have worked with Steve for the betterment of the Information Governance, ECM, and Records Management industry. We have been on panels together and had many joint conversations with other industry experts. He always has a thoughtful and useful answer to every scenario provided to him. His experience across multiple regulated industries provides useful insights for any firm seeking to sort-out their information challenges. When encountering a new client challenge, Steve is one of the first people I think of turning to for advice.” – Laurence Hart,

“I highly recommend Steve for consulting and for training on Records Management.” – Dean Huggins, Boston Redevelopment Authority

“Steve Weissman is a consummate professional who understands how to communicate to business men and women about today’s practices in information management.” – Peter Nicholson, Anoto Inc.

“I find Steve to be a guy who is 1) knowledgeable, 2) aware, 3) looking to consistently add value and 4) a pleasure to collaborate with on all levels. He is thoughtful, intense when appropriate and responsive. Be it baseball, ECM in general or SharePoint, Steve typically has a good line on the key issues and is a welcome participant in any endeavor which has brought us together.” – Russ Edelman, Corridor Company, Inc.

“Steve is a proven leader and subject matter expert in the industry. He is a visionary with the ability to manage detail and execute on a strategic plan. He is very giving of his knowledge and has been instrumental in sharing his insights with a broad base of constituents. I recommend Steve highly for any task, large or small, and know that he will deliver excellent results.” – Mark DeCollibus, E2EMO