Information Management and the Impact on Office Space

An article on LinkedIn today about the Great Office Space Debate (open layout vs. closed) reminded me of one of the potentially largest and yet most overlooked opportunities to derive Maximum Total Value from information management: the ability to reduce or eliminate the amount of office space that is eaten up by file cabinets and […]

Microfilm, mainframes, and other things that just won’t go away

Now on my AIIM Expert Blog: Any time you hear or read about someone or some company claiming that a particular technology you still find valuable is not long for this earth (microfilm, mainframes, fax, etc.), be sure you question their motive for saying so. Chances are, they want you to throw out what you have […]

Faxes? We don’t need no stinking faxes! (Or do we?)

Two items on the news ticker this morning once again served as an oft-needed reminder that managing information as often involves older, more established technologies as it does the latest and greatest inventions. Rather than delve into the specifics of the individually less-than-titillating headlines, let’s focus instead on the fact that one had to do […]