CIP Dies, Then Gets Better: What This InfoPro Thinks About That

A bit over a week ago, AIIM International decided to fold its Certified Information Professional (CIP) program into its existing educational structure. Then last Thursday, the organization reversed course, not only staying with the certification but announcing a v2.0 will be launched at its 2016 event. As the face of the CIP’s free overview videos, […]

Industry, Shmindustry – Information Governance is a Profession

Industry noun | in·dus·try | \ˈin-(ˌ)dəs-trē\ : the process of making products by using machinery and factories : a group of businesses that provide a particular product or service – Merriam-Webster Dictionary Those of us in “the industry” love to talk about the leading players in “the industry,” latest trends in “the industry,” and where […]

To CIP or not to CIP? That’s no longer the question

I have been tracking with some interest lately a number of discussions (online and otherwise) about just how “real” AIIM’s new Certified Information Professional (CIP) designation actually is, and it’s been interesting to see the consensus move from “the what?” to “yeah, I’m looking at that now” and the start of “yes, I’ve got mine!”[callout title=See […]

Broad view and metrics a must for records management

My latest column on Without metrics, it is impossible to properly plan and evaluate a records management initiative because you won’t know how much progress you are making and at what point you can declare your efforts to be successful. Read the complete post here. Get certified as a broad-view expert! Holly Group’s Certified […]