Why “I Accept” is Unacceptable

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The top salesman at Lacoste was fired recently for apparently posting a photo of his paycheck on Instagram. The point of the story for information professionals like us is that he had no recollection of signing or agreeing to the confidentiality agreement the company said he violated, one that may or may not have encompassed social media. “I just clicked ‘accept terms’ on that, you know?” he told the Gothamist last week, and in so doing he perfectly exemplified the problem of clicking without reading.

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How do you ensure your people read before clicking? Is this concept part of your new-hire program? Let us know by commenting below or dropping me a line!

Information Management and the Impact on Office Space

Files in hallwayAn article on LinkedIn today about the Great Office Space Debate (open layout vs. closed) reminded me of one of the potentially largest and yet most overlooked opportunities to derive Maximum Total Value from information management: the ability to reduce or eliminate the amount of office space that is eaten up by file cabinets and boxes of hard copy records.