Mark Your Calendars for These FREE Interactive Online Events!

Join me online for TWO exciting interactive events coming online soon! The first is a webinar on Why ROI & TCO Stink as Measures of System Value – and by clicking here, you can register for FREE! – When: Wednesday, July 16, 11am (Eastern) – With: The IT Metrics & Productivity Institute (ITMPI) The second […]

Good Enough Can Be Good Enough for an Information Solution

As an information management consultant, analyst, and trainer, it is my job to advance your ability to care for and feed your organizational content and processes. This means I spend a lot of my time surfing the leading edge of technology so I can keep you up-to-date about the latest and greatest capabilities that are […]

Caveat Vendor: Customers, Take Back the Sale!

Now on my AIIM Expert Blog: Have you ever spent time with a vendor sales rep to explain your needs and your situation, only to figure out that he or she thinks you’re either a buffoon or a necessary evil? If you are one of the lucky ones, you figure this out before you end up […]