AIIM Conference No One-Hit Wonder

The 2013 edition of the AIIM Conference has come and gone like a fast-moving storm, but instead of devastation, it left lots of education in its wake. And in so doing, it served as more than a worthy follow-up to last year’s reimagined and reconstituted event.

The speakers were generally great, the rooms were generally full, and it really did appear that a good time was had by all – including by the solution and service providers, whose same-sized displays ringed the common lobby and generally had people inquiring within.


View from the AIIM Conference, Second Edition

A few thoughts at the close of the official first day of the second edition of the new AIIM Conference:

  • The sold-out event is larger than last year’s but maintains the air of intimacy and sense of shared experience the association strove for and achieved in its first go-around.
  • The exhibit area has more of a trade-show feel than it did in 2012, but the booths are all the same size, and their arrangement around the periphery of the room leaves a large central space for attendees to mix and mingle among themselves and with speakers and vendors.
  • Initial topics of particular interest (to me, anyway) include the usual recent suspects of mobility and the cloud, as well as these emerging perpetrators:

    • Wrapping cloud-based file-sharing with collaborative services (and vice versa)
    • Simplicity in configuration as well as usability
    • Vendor refocus on vertical market applications

I’ll have more as the week progresses.

Harvard is schooled in the need for clear records policies

Have you been following the goings on at Harvard as they relate to the school’s policies on email privacy for its resident deans? It’s a classic illustration of why organizations need to be clear about who’s covered and who isn’t, and why it’s critical to include representatives of all affected parties when those policies are developed.


Prepare for the inevitable, for the end may be near!

Now on my AIIM Expert Blog:

Question: What do 3½ -inch floppy disks and microfilm scanners have in common?

Answer: Both are technologies that have been overtaken by events.

So what do you do when a technology you rely on becomes passé? Anything but wait until it’s too late to future-proof yourself!

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