Technology Tools and Compliance Requirements Must Be Managed in Sync

“How do you mistakenly destroy not one file, not 10, not 50, but thousands of files? How do you mistakenly do that?” This question was asked last week by U.S. attorney Marlan Wilbanks with regard to a whistleblower case against Halifax Health of Volusia County, Florida, which is accused of destroying critical evidence by shredding […]

Information Management and the Impact on Office Space

An article on LinkedIn today about the Great Office Space Debate (open layout vs. closed) reminded me of one of the potentially largest and yet most overlooked opportunities to derive Maximum Total Value from information management: the ability to reduce or eliminate the amount of office space that is eaten up by file cabinets and […]

What’s the penalty for mishandling a medical record? $2.09

Those of you with long-enough memories may remember an Internet radio piece I did a couple of years ago in which I told the tale of a Boston Globe photographer who was bringing his trash to his local dump and discovered a 20-by-20-foot mountain of patient records from four Massachusetts hospitals that had not properly […]