What’s the penalty for mishandling a medical record? $2.09

Those of you with long-enough memories may remember an Internet radio piece I did a couple of years ago in which I told the tale of a Boston Globe photographer who was bringing his trash to his local dump and discovered a 20-by-20-foot mountain of patient records from four Massachusetts hospitals that had not properly […]

How to Know it’s Time to Upgrade or Replace Your Business System

Now on my iDatix iNSIDER Perspective page: You know the old joke, “What time is it when an elephant sits on your fence? It’s time to get a new fence.” Well, knowing when to upgrade or replace an information system is sort of the same thing because there are points where it’s just really obvious […]

Attention Health Care Providers: The Push-Pull Intensifies for Electronic Health Records

The U.S. Health and Human Services Department yesterday issued a more flexible 5-year plan to impel doctors and hospitals toward implementing electronic health records. That’s the push. The pull is that converting from paper to electronic record-keeping is expected to improve the delivery of medical care, result in greater patient safety, and reduce provider costs. […]