Personalization is One Key to Effective Communications

Now on my guest blog at Actuate-Xenos Group: Recently on that site, I discussed the how important it is to use customer history to shape communications planning. This time, we go a step further and explore the technique of personalization, which looks at behaviors beyond just buying history and, properly done, can cement your customer relationships. The first […]

Mobility, Cost-Cutting and Business Analytics: The 3 Amigos of Paperless Communication

Now on my guest blog at Actuate-Xenos Group: If your organization prepares and provides activity statements and other types of customer account documents, then you know electronic communications are no longer merely “nice to have” but an absolute “must.” A new generation of consumers is accustomed to having online access to their information from wherever […]

Changing the Multichannel: Content Management as a Multiple-Choice Question

Now on my guest blog at Actuate-Xenos Group: Thanks to a long history with standalone solutions, the habit in information spaces is to think about the alternative solutions in terms of their ability to accommodate paper or images or laptops or smartphones or tablets. However, the boundaries separating those various silos have come down significantly […]