Doing Information Right: Where Do I Begin?

If there’s one thing we know about doing information right – which is to say, improving the care and feeding of your critical business information – it’s that it’s really hard to know where to begin. Should we scan the boxes full of paper that’s cluttering our hallways? Should we comb through our shared drives […]

ECM Objects in Mirror Are Further Than They Appear

Over the past several weeks, it’s been my pleasure to participate in a TweetJam and a couple of podcasts with my friends at and Word of Pie on the current state and immediate future of Enterprise Content Management (ECM), especially as it relates to electronic file-sharing services and the cloud. This run of analytical […]

Question Regarding “Information as an Asset”

Continuing my work on “information as an asset,” I ran across this definition (from Investopedia): “An asset is anything of value that can be converted into cash.” While I’m finding overwhelming consensus that information deserves asset status, I’ve yet to find a generally accepted theory for quantifying its value. (Or any theory, for that matter!) […]

BPM Drivers Shouldn’t Affect Processes

My latest on SearchSOA: Mobile, social and the cloud are three business and technology forces expected to drive change in BPM this year. But, counterintuitive though it may sound, advances in these areas won’t directly affect processes! Or at least they shouldn’t, unless there is a compelling reason for them to do so. Continue reading […]