Records Disrupted: Blockchain as a Transformative Force

Authors: Alan Pelz-Sharpe (Deep Analysis) & Steve Weissman (Holly Group)

If records and content management issues such as security, privacy, and compliance seem everlasting, that’s because they are! What aren’t everlasting though, are the so-called information governance “technologies” we use to bring these matters to heel.

In recent decades, we have cycled through imaging, document management, records management, content management, and endless combinations of the above – only to learn that these, really, are business disciplines, not technical tools.

We have also learned that the effectiveness of these disciplines depend entirely upon best-practices that are so extraordinarily similar as to be essentially identical (e.g., approaches to meta-tagging, etc.). So you would think, that at some point, some new technology would emerge that would enable us to bring these solution stacks together and help us unify our information strategies.

Well guess what? That day is … tomorrow! (more…)

The Human Face of InfoGov

Solution marketeers and alarmist analysts love to flash the red lights of litigation support and audit compliance when making the case for information governance. But the problem with this is that neither of these reasons speak to the one Really Important Motive that lies at the end of the infogov path:

To better serve/enable/empower people, be they customers, prospects, employees, or other interested parties. (more…)

Information Management and Backwards-Compatibility: Just the Fax, Ma’am

What does it tell you about the latest information management disciplines that my big success this week was sending a 10-page fax to a doctor’s office?

It tells me is that we should never forget that much of the world consists of people who are just trying to get stuff done – and many of these are not equipped with anything resembling the cutting-edge information management solutions we usually focus on. (There’s a much more significant example here.) (more…)

The Right Stuff for InfoGov & Information Management

In the late 1950s, the United States invited its top test pilots to apply to become the nation’s first astronauts. As memorialized in the book and movie The Right Stuff, each then had to decide whether to transition into an uncertain-yet-vaguely-familiar new career or continue along their present path. Some made the move and became famous; others didn’t and largely faded into history.

Today, you are standing at a similar crossroads. Whereas the pilots of yesteryear had to decide whether to take their aviation skills and adapt them to space flight, you must choose whether to take your information management expertise and apply it to all of your organization’s content – regardless of data type, format, delivery medium, department, or location.

Follow this trajectory and you’ll push the envelope toward Information Governance, and position yourself as a Very Important Person in your enterprise. Don’t, and you’ll likely spend your days in an informational silo in a corner of the organizational chart.

This is true whether you’re in records, compliance, IT, legal, or any other business function charged with the “care and feeding” of business-critical information. My question for you is a simple one:

Do you have the ‘right stuff’ for InfoGov and Information Management?

(See this short video for some ‘how-to’ insight.)