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Education & Training

A big part of Holly Group’s value stems from our ability to pass our hard-earned knowledge on to you and your team – a “teach you to fish” mentality that serves our clients well in this era of constant technology change!

Be it setting you up with best practices in information management, achieving Maximum Total Value®, fielding effective Change Management programs, or writing effective RFPs, our professionals are prepared to impart the information you need to ensure your projects succeed and your career advances.

"A class is only as good as the instructor in front of you. Steve Weissman is a consummate professional who understands how to communicate to business men and women about today’s practices in information management."
– Peter Nicholson, Anoto Inc.

"I completed the CIP course and passed the test. I thought your training [was] of great benefit in preparing for the test. Thanks for all your hard work!"
– Susan Parker, Green Mountain Power

"Your tutorials are PHENOMENAL! Your knowledge of all domains and extraordinary method of explaining them in detail is to be applauded. Thank you, Mr. Weissman!"
– Krishann Burd, PACE GNO

Best Practices in Information Management

Available in 1-Day ‘Express’, 2-Day ‘Standard’ and 3-Day Workshop editions, this flexible program builds on 20+ years of successful consulting and industry analysis in information management fields ranging from data management, capture, and imaging to output, delivery, and archiving – and everywhere in between!

You’ll receive ample opportunities to ask questions and otherwise engage with this broad range of material, and you’ll learn about our exclusive best practices for deriving Maximum Total Value from your information technology. This will further expedite your organization’s success as well. So don’t delay: click here NOW to learn more!

Change Management & Information Governance: The People Part of the Program

Conventional wisdom holds that 70% of all major organizational change efforts fail.* While not all of these initiatives are centered on process and information improvement, it is generally accepted that a similar number of these kinds of projects also do not meet expectations – often despite the expenditure of large quantities of time and money.

Holly Group’s professional enrichment program Change Management & Information Governance helps you avoid this unhappy outcome by illuminating the current best practices for assessing, managing, and modifying corporate culture, transforming organizational behavior, and rolling out new solutions that will be both readily embraced and highly effective. | more

How to Get Maximum Total Value From Your Process & Information Solutions

• Imparts best practices for deriving Maximum Total Value from your IT solutions (MaxTV®)

• Explores critical issues regarding Economics, Process Change, and Collaboration that can make or break your initiative

• Business-oriented material for technology-minded professionals

• Differentiate vendor offerings … enable quick and quality buying decisions … implement on time and on budget!

Writing Effective RFPs

• Best-practices for preparing effective, efficient requests for vendor proposals

• Insights into requirements gathering and criteria-setting

• Document templates

• Process recommendations