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Holly Group services advise and support organizations seeking to do information right, particularly by bettering their information/content/records/data/process strategies, policies, and technologies.

From program development to needs analysis, vendor selection, user adoption, and beyond, we leverage and advance established best practices, and even provide ‘how-to’ professional training for those who desire it. | sample work

Expert Guidance & Consulting

Our services are intensely individual, tailored to meet your specific needs rather than follow the typical “cookie cutter” style of analysis and reporting.

All centered on wringing maximum total value from every bit of information, process, and technology you possess, consider, and/or install, they address all the critical tasks involved in successfully utilizing today’s solutions.

Holly Group’s prime focus is on helping you make your best buying, rollout, and maintenance decisions. Our inside knowledge of customer needs and preferences combines with our deep understanding of market trends and futures to give us a unique perspective on what you should consider when plotting your way forward. Truly, we are a valued resource just waiting for you to tap into. | more

Education & Training

A big part of our value stems from our ability to pass our hard-earned knowledge on to you and your team – a “teach you to fish” mentality that serves our clients well in this era of constant technology change!

We’ve trained scores of people in ECM, BPM, and Information Management best practices (perhaps most notably as the literal face of the inaugural AIIM Certified Information Professional program), plus such critical operational principles as achieving Maximum Total Value, writing effective RFPs, and Organizational Change Management. So our professionals are prepared to impart the hard-earned wisdom you need to ensure your projects succeed and your career advances. | more

Public Speaking

Beyond all this, the principals at Holly Group regularly share our knowledge, opinions, and philosophies with public and private audiences throughout the world. Our briefings, workshops, and presentations are internationally renowned for being informative, accessible, and interactive, and we always leave audiences wanting more! | more

After-Dinner & Motivational Speakers
Conference Keynoters & Session Leaders
Awards Hosts