The principals at Holly Group are known for our public speaking skills, and through our keynote presentations, we share our knowledge, opinions, and philosophies with audiences throughout the world.

Recognizing that the subjects associated with information governance can be, ahem, rather dry, we work hard to make our talks as entertaining as they are informative. We are not afraid of energetic audience participation – indeed, we encourage it – and we make use of audio and video to hold attendees’ attention.

Typical Topics

  • The Psychology of Technology
    (Organizational Change Management)
  • Governance Law and Order:
    How to Approach Policy Enforcement
  • The ‘Big Box Theory’ of Governance and Business Value
  • Understanding Information as an Asset
  • Why ROI & TCO Stink as Measures of System Value
  • Demystifying SharePoint & ECM
  • Why Things Go Awry


  • Senior Staff
  • Compliance Officers
  • Records Managers
  • IT Directors
  • Risk Managers
  • Legal Counsel
  • Business Analysts
  • Line-of-Business Managers
  • More!