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Change Management & Information Governance: The People Part of the Process

Conventional wisdom holds that 70% of all major organizational change efforts fail.* While not all of these initiatives are centered on process and information improvement, it is generally accepted that a similar number of these kinds of projects also do not meet expectations – often despite the expenditure of large quantities of time and money.

In most cases, this failure reflects the fact that little attention is paid to the people a given project is intended to benefit, who frequently are left feeling that it is being done to them rather than for them. Instead, organizations tend to blame the technology, and when they discover that it works so well that there are no significant problems to be solved, they simply walk away and leave tons of potential value on the table.

Holly Group’s professional enrichment program Change Management & Information Governance helps you avoid this unhappy outcome by illuminating the current best practices for assessing, managing, and modifying corporate culture, transforming organizational behavior, and rolling out new solutions that will be both readily embraced and highly effective.

*John P. Kotter in Leading Change, 1996

What You’ll Learn

Attendees will benefit from the real-world experiences of our active in-the-field consultants, whose proven techniques leverage and adapt such familiar concepts as:

• Mentoring • Gamification
• Marketing • Political Science
• Social Psychology • More!

Holly Group’s instructors make the subject accessible so you can understand and apply it with a minimum fuss. Through tutorial, group exercise, interactive Q&A, and multimedia, the material accommodates all manner of learning styles so you can put it to work right away.

Among other skills, you’ll learn how to formulate, facilitate, and fortify change in the following ways:

• Establish a steering committee • Develop a communications plan
• Develop a readiness maturity model • Implement a change-minded rollout strategy
• Identify common barriers • Apply game theory to user adoption
• Define goals and metrics • Create training programs
• Gather feedback • Leverage the help desk
• Harness group dynamics • Enforce the new policies

Who Should Attend

This class is for you if you work in one of these capacities:

• Senior Executive • Technology Staff
• Department Manager • Efficiency Specialist
• Project Manager • More!

Don’t let your projects fail to deliver on their potential value because the change they engender goes unmanaged. Enroll today!

Course Outline

• Chapter 1: Governance and Change
• Chapter 2: Fundamentals of Change
• Chapter 3: The Physiology of Change
• Chapter 4: Understanding Motivation
• Chapter 5: Learning Styles and Strategies
• Chapter 6: The Criticality of Communication
• Chapter 7: The Planning IS the Work!
• Chapter 8: Organization Readiness
• Chapter 9: Metrics
• Chapter 10: The Communications Plan
• Chapter 11: Incentives and Enforcement