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Takin’ Care of Business: Geoffrey Moore on the Future of ECM

“Deep thinker” Geoffrey Moore recently spent time with AIIM International to help the organization and its acolytes get a handle on the future of content management.

While this sounds like just so much hooey – just another in a long line of “future of” cogitations designed to scare the dickens out of anyone active in the market – the slide deck of the resulting presentation turns out to be interesting viewing. However, anyone paying any attention at all these past several years likely will find it contains a lot of material that won’t be news to them.

Perhaps the most compelling finding is Moore’s cycle of IT feast and famine, a spending sine wave that he believes will be headed north starting next year. It’s an engaging take that feels right to me, and it should give some comfort to organizations now struggling to get ahead or, dare I say, stay afloat.

And speaking of engaging … Moore’s other attention-getter has to do with technology’s move away from “systems of record” and toward “systems of engagement” – a transition in my mind that involves shifting from a focus on managing documents to one centered on connecting people.

Those of you who know me know this lies at the heart of my commitment to helping people “work better and work better together,” and it’s thus one of those concepts that may seem familiar. However, folks who haven’t had the bandwidth to think about much other than their jobs may find it significant, and I hope that’s true since empowering people should have been the point all along.

I could write paragraphs and pages more about this but will refrain for reasons of space, time, and attention span (mine as much as yours!). However, I will be opining about and facilitating a discussion of Moore’s work at a special free breakfast meeting being held by the New England Chapter of AIIM on January 25. Check out the details and RSVP information and be sure to join me there. Should be some fun!

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