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So sorry, but time's up! Subscribers to Weissman's World as of January 1 received FREE access to THREE of Holly Group's simple and effective "Key Questions" guides!


26 Key Questions for Choosing a Vendor
26 Key Questions for Scanning+Imaging Projects

23 Key Questions When Thinking About SharePoint


These guides are bred of our latest analyst and consulting experiences, and they're chock full of questions designed to ensure you don't overlook critical decision criteria that otherwise will cost you dearly!


Now the Good News

The good news is that these unbelievably helpful guides are still available to you, and for less than 20 bucks apiece! For details and to order, simply click here.

Our goal is to put a lot of high-value information in your hands for minimal cost wherever possible. Nothing makes us happier than to help good people do good work, so have at it, and let us know how you do.


And if you need some help, of course let us know that too, and we'll be glad to pitch in to get and keep you going.


All just part of the service!

- Steve Weissman, Holly Group
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