Search is Everything is Search

Search is Becoming Everything, And Vice Versa

I’ve just come out of a series of discussions on the issue of records preservation, and one of my take-aways ...
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Are You Ever Finished With Information Governance?

We at Holly Group spend our days working with clients to help them improve their Current State of information and ...
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Map and Compass

Need an Information Roadmap? First Know Where You Are

Throughout my years of working with organizations on their information management and technology initiatives, I have often heard clients and ...
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Doing Information Right: Where Do I Begin?

If there’s one thing we know about doing information right – which is to say, improving the care and feeding ...
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The GDPR for the Little Guy (or Gal)

What is the GDPR? The GDPR is the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, and as the EU’s new take ...
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Perspective Check: Context is Everything in InfoGov

If you’ve ever used Google to help you find a new infogov technology solution, then you know how every one ...
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Only dead fish go with the flow

Legacy Content Migration: The Crowd Has it Wrong

A few weeks ago, I used this space to wonder how top-of-mind content migration is among organizations whose legacy solutions ...
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Migration Iceberg

Legacy Content Migration: Urgent Need is Largely Invisible

Fun fact: an estimated 75% of today’s content management solutions were installed before the year 2010 – meaning that most ...
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InfoGov Expectations Can Be Problematic

There is very little doubt that infogov technology can do all sorts of amazing things: it can help us find ...
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Perspective Check: InfoGov Short Cuts

Sorry, kids, but there just aren’t any more short-cuts to good information governance than there are in serious mountaineering. The ...
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Management by Magazine (InfoGov Edition)

Today, on Perpective Check: The truth and consequences of your boss flipping through the pages of a magazine and saying, ...
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Speaking of: Blockchain (with Alan Pelz-Sharpe)

If a picture is worth 1000 words, then what’s a 15-minute video worth? Tons, especially when the subject is blockchain, ...
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Bitcoin ≠ Blockchain

Seems like not an hour goes by that I don’t see a headline about the soaring value of bitcoin – ...
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Papers blowing

The Time is ‘Before’ to Cope with Hurricane-Related Storms of Forms

Even though the physical storms are now largely scary, soggy memories, hurricanes Harvey and Irma will swamp many information professionals ...
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Is Your Information Governance Mostly Sound and Fury?

“It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." Shakespeare penned these words as ...
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5 Steps to Information Governance Success

To hear some people tell it, the future of information governance is a complex, frightening place to ponder. The volume ...
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If It Ain’t Broke, Fix it Anyway

When speaking of technology and information governance, we often are told that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” – ...
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Governance is Always Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

There’s a disturbing trend in the information governance profession that needs to stop now, namely the tendency to apologize for ...
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Reimagining Information Governance with Blockchain

A Discussion Paper Authors: Alan Pelz-Sharpe (Deep Analysis) & Steve Weissman (Holly Group) Statement of Purpose This discussion paper provides ...
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Basic RM Blockchain Process

Records Disrupted: Blockchain as a Transformative Force

Authors: Alan Pelz-Sharpe (Deep Analysis) & Steve Weissman (Holly Group) If records and content management issues such as security, privacy, ...
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AIIM17: New Blood or Fresh Meat?

View From AIIM17: New Blood or Fresh Meat?

Like so many others, I have lots of nice things to say about last week’s AIIM17 conference in Orlando, FL ...
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Keep Calm and Carry On

Stuck in the Middle (of Information Management) With You

If you’re reading this, you already know how valuable it can be to better manage your organization’s business-critical information, and ...
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Debate Over “Content Services vs. ECM” Misses the Point

“ECM is dead.” “Content Services are the next generation.” “I’ve got a brand-new pair of roller skates.” If you think ...
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OpenText / Documentum Deal Closes. What Do I Do?

OK, it’s official: OpenText has closed its deal with Dell EMC to buy the latter’s Enterprise Content Division, which includes ...
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Information Management: It’s Safe to Go in the Water

“Overwhelming” “Complicated” “Scary” Quotes from a movie poster? A book jacket? A Congressional hearing? No, merely a summary of my ...
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Cloud, IoT Can be Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

It happens innocently enough: someone obtains and installs a reasonable Internet-enabled capability, and BANG! You’re open for business that’s not ...
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Overcoming IG-Related Post-Election Stress Disorder

Can’t sleep. Can’t sit still. Can’t concentrate. No doubt about it, I have Post-Election Stress Disorder (PESD).