It may sound like a question for a beauty pageant contestant, but it’s an important one for anyone with information governance aspirations:

What does Change Management mean to you?

Ask an IT director or a project manager or a technologist, and they’ll probably say something like “it’s how we control the requesting, approval, and implementation of system modifications.”

Ask a businessperson or an HR director or a behaviorist (or me!), and you’ll likely hear something to the effect of “it’s the people side of organizational operations.”

Different responses, yet both are correct, each in its own context. (more…)

Fax & InfoGov: An Older Medium at Large

Went back to the bank yesterday to complete the estate-related account-opening tasks before me, and couldn’t believe the gal helping me was told by some back-office document people to send a specifically-worded note to them – not by email but by fax.

The surprise wasn’t that the bank still relies on this older medium from time to time – I’ve been writing about this for quite a long while (see this post from 2012, and this one from earlier this year). Rather, I was stunned to learn that the bank requires fax for some of its internal communications.


Dot’s Ridiculous

Spent more time today wrangling with my parent’s estate stuff only to hit a snag that’s right up our infogov alley.

You see, the bank’s new system doesn’t accept the period following a middle initial the way its previous system did. Only, nobody knew that, so it took two people 15 minutes to figure out the dot needed to be deleted!

Next time I’m asked “what’s information governance?” I’ll tell this story and say, “IG is anticipating this kind of thing before a system goes live.”

That’s as good a definition as any, don’t you think?

Diversity in InfoGov

Just back from the excellent Information Governance Conference last week and was struck not only by the high-quality of the program but the diversity of the audience:

  • Women and men, in relatively even numbers
  • African-Americans, Asians, Caucasians, Latinos … a true melting pot
  • Records, Legal, Compliance, IT, Line-of-Business executives … a cross-section of organizational life

Not sure which of these is most noteworthy in a technology arena, but I am proud of the event’s inclusivity. Let this serve as a beacon to others, in this and so many other ways!