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How to Get Maximum Total Value from Your Process & Information Solutions

Preparing to install an enterprise solution, or add modules to one you’ve already got? Looking for a touchstone to differentiate one vendor’s offerings from another? Interested in the latest best practices for ensuring you receive the most value you can from the product you pick?[callout title=The More You Know]“What’s it like to take this class?”[/callout]

Holly Group’s MaxTV® Value Workshop imparts key business principles that let you obtain Maximum Total Value from your enterprise solution! Featuring rock-solid research results and actual case study examples, it shows you how to balance the Economic, Process Change, and Collaboration issues you will face when installing or adding to a technology system. Thus prepared, you will be primed to make a quick and quality buying decision, positioned to implement on-time and on-budget, and ready to wring every last benefit from your enterprise application.

Maximize the Total Value of Your Technology Acquisition

A business-oriented seminar for technology-minded professionals, the MaxTV® Value Workshop uses Holly Group’s exclusive MaxTV® methodology to analyze the factors that make up a system’s total value:

  • Economics, encompassing return on investment and total cost of ownership, focusing on the dollars-and-cents of technology acquisition

    MaxTV® Triad
    The MaxTV® Triad
  • Process Change, encompassing reengineering and quality management, rooted in the ability to support both discrete process innovation and continuous process improvement
  • Collaboration, encompassing customer relationship management and learning/knowledge, centered on facilitating communication and satisfaction among employees, customers, and partners

At the end of the program, you’ll be able to plan and deliver on an acquisition and implementation strategy that maximizes the total value your system provides. And you’ll be ready to accomplish three important goals:

  • Buy a system that provides significant business benefits not only today, but in the months and years ahead
  • Make your selection as quickly as possible so you can start receiving those benefits sooner rather than later
  • Detail a rollout plan that will let you implement on time and on budget

How much faster could you make a purchase decision if you weighed your options in terms of the issues you’ll face at rollout time? How much more efficiently would you then be able to implement your new solution, and how much sooner would you be able to receive its full measure of benefits? Don’t wait to find out! For additional information, or to discuss the potential MaxTV® has to accelerate your business, please call 617-3863-4655, or send an email to

Listen, Learn, and Leverage!

The MaxTV® Value Workshop is your opportunity to listen to industry experts … seasoned professionals … and users like you to learn not just how to find a system that scores high on an ROI/TCO test, but to identify a solution that will optimize your ability to manage change and facilitate communications as well.

Workshop speakers will provide a framework for focused action by reviewing the issues associated with Economics, Process Change, and Collaboration, and describing how technology customers actually have addressed these issues to receive maximum total value from their enterprise solutions.

Gain insight into the cutting-edge thinking about all three issues associated with receiving maximum total value:

  • Economics, including investment, return, and lifetime costs
  • Process Change, including reengineering (for discrete process innovation) and quality management (for continuous process improvement)
  • Collaboration, including relationship management (e.g., customer satisfaction, employee empowerment, and partner inclusion) and learning & knowledge (e.g., education, collaboration, leveraging of intellectual assets)

Holly Group’s customer experiences show time and time again that proactively addressing these issues is critical to making a quick and quality purchase, avoiding serious time and cost overruns, and deriving the most value possible from an enterprise application. Organize your MaxTV® Value Workshop and get the best-practice information and personal worksheets you need to reap these benefits yourself!