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It’s Only the Tools That Change

As if further proof were needed that nothing really changes in information-land but the tools, today’s Huffington Post describes a U.S military program that uses social media to counter anti-U.S. messages.

The cloak-and-dagger overtones of this notwithstanding, the part that interests this observer is the fact that the only thing that’s new here is the technology tool being used – the underlying problem is as it always has been.

I mention this because there’s a lesson here for content, process, and information managers of all stripes. I’ve long maintained that we’d all do ourselves a favor if we stayed focused on the problem rather than allow ourselves to be distracted by the technology, and in this, the military appears to have done a decent job.

Interesting side note: the link provided to the contract solicitation points to a cached Google page, and a search of the original site produces “no items found” as a result.

Draw your own conclusion here.

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