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Current State QuickScan Analysis

Current State QuickScan: Planning your path to information successIt can be challenging to calculate the best route to bettering your organization’s ability to manage its information … to enable your people to find what they need when they need it … to ensure they have access to it once they find it (and that no bad guys do!) … to be confident their information is accurate … to know that records that can be legally disposed of have, fact, been destroyed …

So to help you get started, Holly Group has developed a proven effective “starter kit” to launch you down the right path! It’s our Current State QuickScan Analysis, and it’s designed specifically to gauge your current governance environment, to validate the Future State you envision, and to smooth your journey from here to there.

How the QuickScan Works

MaxTV®: The Beating Heart of the QuickScan AnalysisOur QuickScan Analysis leverages Holly Group’s exclusive MAXTV® Maturity & Implementation Model to gauge your readiness to move forward in terms of four different measures:

• Organizational Culture
• Business Processes
• Collaboration
• Technology

… setting them all against the background of the always-critical measure economics.

Given that the emphasis is on being Quick, the details are quite simple:

• You get two days of “temperature taking” on-site with you and your designated staff.
• We then deliver a QuickScan Report within 10 working days of the conclusion of the on-site.
• And together, we participate in a 2-hour conference call to walk you through our findings and answer your questions.

Timely, simple, effective. What more could anyone want?

Contact us today to enroll!