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Video Interviews

Holly Group principal Steve Weissman is in constant demand as a source of expert insights and opinions. Here are links to just a few of his recent on-camera appearances!

  • Records Management Only Part of the Information Governance Toolkit

    “When I think of governance, I put records under there, certainly,” Weissman said. “And a lot of the techniques that you may want to use in terms of governing information in the broad strokes will come from the records arena. It’s also readily extensible to your structured data in databases … basically anything that will impart knowledge.”

  • What Companies Want: Document Management, Not ECM?

    “ECM, the role of mobility, and the cloud. It’s all exciting and has tremendous value potentially to organizations,” Weissman said. “But most of the market probably isn’t where the vendors are [at the leading edge]. … If you’re not there yet, it’s OK.”

  • Information Discrimination Promotes Flawed ECM Strategy

    “The tools are different, but content is still content,” he emphasized. “And so, by the way, is what is in your databases; and so, by the way, is whatever is in your back offices. …. All of this stuff is content. Strategically, when you think about how to manage your information and then how to treat it [as the] valuable asset it is, you have to think about it holistically. If you forget a piece, there is already a hole in your strategy.”

  • The Danger of Second Parties to Cloud-Based ECM

    “As long as you as an end-user do the due diligence,” Weissman said, “[clouds] are an enormously viable alternative to hosting stuff yourself.” But besides the usual third-party providers, he urged us to focus on “second parties,” or company partners that are part of our organizations and can be subject to the same kinds of problems as those that cloud computing presents.