Revoke Editorial License When Assessing Market Research

“There are three degrees of untruths: a fib, a lie, and statistics.”
– likely Sir Charles Wentworth Dilke, 1891

I love market research. I used to do market research as a principal career focus, so I can tell you that market research findings indeed can be interpreted to conclude anything you want them to. And I can attest to the fact that analysts can take editorial license that can distract from what the research actually says.

But only if you let them! (more…)

Governance Law and Order: How to Approach Policy Enforcement

Law&Order-GovernanceForward-thinking organizations have a pretty good sense of why they must have official policies that govern the way they classify, protect, retain, and dispose of their business-critical information – even if they haven’t yet implemented formal programs in those arenas.

But here’s the thing: without the will to actually enforce those policies, they’ll likely find themselves having moved the compliance needle barely at all! So making sure people understand that your wish is their command has to be part of the thinking as well.