Cloud, IoT Can be Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

It happens innocently enough: someone obtains and installs a reasonable Internet-enabled capability, and BANG! You’re open for business that’s not of your choosing.

Maybe it’s a shared corporate meeting calendar, or a construction pipe-weld inspection robot, or a security camera at a remote power plant. But whatever it is – be it a cloud-based offering or an Internet “thing” – it has to be remembered that if you can monitor or control it from wherever you are, so can the bad guys.


Paul Revere & InfoGov: Rebels of Action & Collaboration

“Listen My Children and You Shall Hear
of the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere”

Paul Revere’s Ride,
by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Question: what does Paul Revere’s ride have to do with information governance? Answer: it illustrates well that regardless of the success of this or that particular effort, what’s important is that you do something and work with others to get the job done. (more…)

Information Coalition Debuts: Happy Info Governance Day

Is it really the third Thursday in February already? That makes today Global Information Governance Day. (No really!) And as such, it seems appropriate that today be the day we take the wraps off our latest endeavor: the Information Coalition.

I won’t bore you with all the details (you can find those here), but I do want to let you know what it’s all about and to invite you to c’mon aboard. (more…)