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Shared Drives & Email as Low-Hanging InfoGov Fruit

low-hanging fruit

If you know – or have been told – you have to do SOMETHING to get a grip on your exploding piles of information … and you’ve been given next-to-no resources to get anything done … then let me remind you that you don’t have wait until you can do it all. No, you can start small, and immediately, with little fuss or muss.

Sure, it’d be great to do a broad-scope maturity assessment to dig into all the areas you know need attention. But there’s a couple you can start on RIGHT NOW without spending lots of time and money.

These are:

  • Shared drive cleanup, and
  • Email management

These are rightly known as being among the hardest tasks to fully tackle, but they’re also the lowest-hanging fruits you have because

  • they touch everyone and
  • everyone agrees that they’re a mess to navigate.

There are a ton how-to details  that we can cover another time, but for today let me just say you can start simply by poking around to get a sense of what kind(s) of information are in these places, and where maybe they belong.

This way you can make at least some progress quickly and meaningfully without incurring the inevitable and infamous heavy lifting.

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