Just Start

I didn’t time this on purpose, but the beginning of comedian Paul Reiser’s book “How to Get to Carnegie Hall” – which I started reading last night – contains a phrase that reinforces perfectly what I posted yesterday:

“If you want to master something, start by starting, and then continue.”

This plays especially well in the realm of information governance, which is fraught with so many variables and uncertainties that it’s all too easy to wait to get started until too long after the iron has cooled.

So don’t wait to figure out who the longest-term vendors will turn out to be. Don’t wait to put together the perfect plan. Don’t wait for the budget floodgates to open. Don’t wait to earn this or that particular certification.

Just start, starting now.

About the author: Steve Weissman

Steve Weissman helps you do information right by bringing order and discipline to your governance and process practices. Principal Consultant at Holly Group and Co-Founder of the Information Coalition (now merged with ARMA International), he leverages a proven proprietary methodology to optimize everything from strategic planning and needs assessment to vendor selection and user adoption. He is, in short, The Info Gov Guy™, furthering best-practices for finding, leveraging, and protecting your business-critical information. A member of the AIIM Company of Fellows and holder of numerous industry designations, he can be reached at steve@hollygroup.com or 617-383-4655.

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