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Start Your Information Journey With A Step Backwards

Bridge from Current State to Future State

You say you’re tired of not being able to find the information you’re looking for. You say you’re concerned the information you do find is reliable. You say you’re worried about security breaches. And you say you’re ready to do something about it. So I say it’s time you go ahead and take your first step – but backwards from your Future State.

Bridge from Current State to Future StateWhat I mean by this is that you should paint a clear picture in your mind of how you want things to be, and then work your way back toward where you are today. This way you can determine what you have to do to get from here to there, and it’s really the only way to do so – just as it is with any other sort of journey.

You see, doing information right is really more of a journey than it is a destination. As is the case with, say, a cross-country driving trip, you choose an endpoint, you start driving, you run into slowdowns and detours, and you’re forced to calculate alternative routes along the way. But you don’t ever really get lost because you always know where you’re going.

So turn around right now and take a hard look at the roads you have to travel and the bridges you have to cross. Information journeys rarely progress in straight lines, but they always get completed well when they start with a backwards step.

To learn how Holly Group approaches this, read about our Current State QuickScan Analysis, an information “starter kit” that’s designed specifically to gauge your current governance environment, validate the Future State you envision, and smooth your journey from here to there.

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