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Why Do You Think They Call it "News"?!

A rather downtrodden individual recently told me he is convinced his company is miles behind the eight-ball because he keeps reading about things his content, process, and records people haven’t even dreamed of – and if his IT folks have, well, they apparently aren’t talking.

Our conversation left me a little down in the mouth as well because it hadn’t occurred to me that people would actually look at the headlines and think that what they were seeing is what they already should be doing. I mean, don’t they call it “news” because it’s new? By definition, that means it isn’t commonplace, so you shouldn’t feel badly if you and yours haven’t yet adopted whatever-it-is.

In fact, you might even take credit for not chasing after that whatever-it-is – generally speaking, it’s not a bad strategy to let things breathe in the market a bit in order to see just how effective they prove to be.

I maintain that the bulk of any market is a good four years behind what gets featured in the trades and in conference tracks. It is certainly important that you monitor these channels so you have a sense of what’s over the horizon. But don’t let the reporters, the pundits, and especially the vendors leave you with the sour taste of obsolescence in your mouth.

You may well need an update, but you’re probably not as far behind as you think.

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