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It’s Training, It’s Pouring: The Classroom Thoughts Just Keep on Flowing

Dateline Toronto – thoughts following two days here leading an ECM Specialist certificate training class and moderating intensive discussions of ‘interesting’ use cases:

  • Many organizations grow so excited about the advanced technologies available to them that they rush directly to the buy decision without first figuring out what their business objectives are, without passing ‘Go,’ and without collecting $200. (See my post of June 22 for a SharePoint’s-eye view of this disturbing reality.)
  • Many also get so bogged down in the details of a particular implementation that they forget to look around once in a while to see how/where else they might leverage the hard work they’re doing – a major key to deriving maximum total value from your solution work.
  • Others try hard to do the right thing but get derailed when their plans don’t unfold in the linear fashion they anticipated. Rework, like payback, can be a real bit … er, downer, and it’s generally a good idea to incorporate a certain number of ‘surprises’ into your task timeline.
  • Compliance is as critical in Canada as it is in the U.S., but for reasons having to do with good steward- and citizenship, and not litigation defense or support. The process and implementation issues may be the same, but the atmosphere is generally a lot more pleasant!
  • Change management knows no boundaries, be they geographic, demographic, or organizational. Surfacing and addressing this thorny matter early can go far toward easing adoption and usage down the road.

More to come, especially following my next class in California in a few weeks. What can we do for you?

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