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Information Coalition Debuts: Happy Info Governance Day

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Is it really the third Thursday in February already? That makes today Global Information Governance Day. (No really!) And as such, it seems appropriate that today be the day we take the wraps off our latest endeavor: the Information Coalition.

I won’t bore you with all the details (you can find those here), but I do want to let you know what it’s all about and to invite you to c’mon aboard.

What it Is

The Information Coalition is a community-based “how-to” resource for information professionals. Dedicated to advancing best practices in enterprise information management, the service guides members as they develop, vet, and refine their approaches to managing critical business information and processes.

What it Isn’t

Unfortunately, at least one published report says we’re launching the Information Coalition to compete with AIIM and ARMA – but rest assured, we’re not! In fact, we’ve taken great pains to ensure our coverage and guidance complements what those two organizations provide, and we’re even going as far as to offer a discount to their members. Think of it as receiving a credit for having already invested in yourself and your career!

Why it Is

The Information Coalition was created in response to specific requests for collaborative hands-on tactical support across the full breadth of disciplines needed to control, share, and protect your information assets. These include the likes of:

• Information governance
• Enterprise content management
• Records management
• Business process management
• E-Discovery
• Master data management
• Information security
• Business intelligence
• Knowledge management

You already know that this brand of holism is central to my consulting and training, and the only reason this is so is that it works! So I’m thrilled to be part of this amazing effort, not in the least because so many of you have asked for something like it.

We Are the Information Coalition – and So Are You!

This unique service is brought to you by Holly Group and Optismo, the founding forces behind the Information Governance Conference (InfoGovCon). As always, we’re keeping you squarely in our sights, and are pleased to offer several tiers of membership in order to best meet your needs:

  • “Essential Members” join for free and receive multiple opportunities to network with and learn from like-minded people, and access expert research.
  • “Professional Members” pay a nominal annual fee and receive tons more, including the ability to partake of exclusive Peer Review Groups, special analyst briefings, and “all you can eat” education.
  • “Enterprise Members” are Professional Members from the same organization who enjoy a progressive group discount Same great experience, but at a lower individual cost.

I’m especially excited about the Peer Review Groups, which are professionally-facilitated exchanges of critical thinking regarding the issues you bring to the table. Closed to vendors, these are agenda-free resources for information professionals who want to better their enterprise information strategy and tactics by learning and leveraging the experiences of others who do what they do.

Come Join the Party

The Information Coalition is now live and in color, introduced in honor of Global Information Governance Day today but rooted in years of real-world experience, and positioned to serve you well into the future. We’re focused on your needs, not the next shiny new distraction, and are invested in your enterprise information success. Thank you for your support.

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