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In IG, “Easy” Projects Often Just Aren’t

How do you eat an elephant?

My friend Nick Inglis this week posted the sage advice that a good way to get started in information governance is to find an easy project that can give you “a quick win, build your team communication, and just. get. started.” And he’s right! So much better than trying to eat the whole elephant all at once.

But as I wrote him, finding an “easy project” often is much harder to do than it sounds for reasons I boil down to:

  • politics (turf/budget battles),
  • baggage (traumas from projects past), and
  • religion (devotion to a particular technology stack)

I could talk for an hour about these issues (and in fact, I have!), but let me instead offer this shameless plug to help you overcome them: my no-cost guide “5 Steps to Doing Information Right” – go ahead and grab a copy and let me know what you think!

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