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AIIM CIP: Must-See (Web) TV!

Hello again, my dear readers!

I have missed our informal mind-meldings these past few months as I have been heads-down developing 100+ training videos for AIIM’s new Certified Information Professional (CIP) program.

But I’m back on the air now, and I wanted to start by saying that if you haven’t seen them yet, it’s worth taking a few minutes to check them out – not because my face is in the corner of each one, but because AIIM is spot on in what it is trying to accomplish.

Without giving away the end, let me simply state that the organization has committed itself as never before to helping its members bridge the gap that too often exists between information technology and line-of-business executives.

Regular followers of this space will recognize this theme, as it has long been a favorite here and has been a cornerstone of my consulting, research, and writing activities for well over a decade. So that’s why I can unequivocally state that AIIM has it right! Attendees of our New England Chapter meeting yesterday heard association president John Mancini explain the major diligence that was performed in putting the CIP program together, and all that work is beautifully reflected in the end result. Truly, this is as comprehensive a take on information management as I have ever seen in one place.

Is it a deep dive into each of the associated disciplines (content, records, metadata, etc.)? No, it’s not, and that’s all right because it was not intended to be, and there are other programs from AIIM, ARMA, and elsewhere that cover that ground. But the CIP’s very holism is the source of its core strength: nothing we do takes place in a vacuum, and all the other contexts are present and accounted for.

So yes, I was the resource behind the creation of those starter videos – and yes, our education and training activities now also include a CIP prep course that personalizes and expands upon what they contain. But none of that has anything to do with my enthusiasm for the new Certification; that’s purely a function of its applicability to today’s world of information management.

See you next time!

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