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MAXTV® IG Maturity and Implementation Model

Here at Holly Group, we spend a lot of time talking about how important it is to get Maximum Total Value (MAXTV®) from not only your information technology, but from your information as well. And not for nothing, this goes a lot further than receiving “more bang for the buck.”

Years of research and client experience have convinced us – and our clients – that while the “usual suspects” of ROI and TCO may be fine for determining money-spent-vs.-money-saved, they don’t do anything to help set your priorities or inform your implementation strategy.

Our MAXTV® IG Maturity and Implementation Model does both.

Derived from decades of consulting experiences, it centers on a core set of success factors that exist in virtually every client situation we encounter. Set against the background of the traditional economic measures of value, MAXTV® encompasses 8 additional facets that are frequently overlooked despite being far more directly relevant:

In terms of your information technology, these factors are:

  • Culture: the attitude toward, commitment to, and reinforcement of information governance best practices “from the boardroom to the mailroom”
  • Process: the ability to help your people work better
  • Collaboration: the ability to help your people work better together
  • Technology: the alignment and optimization of a systems architecture that supports your business objectives

In terms of your information, these factors are:

  • Data, which if poor or absent represents no value
  • Context, which if incorrect robs data of at least some value
  • Format, which if unable to be read by the recipient removes all value
  • Delivery Medium, which if unable to be accommodated by the recipient removesall value
  • MAXTV®We use the graphic at right to illustrate the MAXTV® framework, and we use it to inform everything we do, from organizational maturity modeling to program planning to vendor evaluation and selection.

    This universality sets us apart from other firms in that we apply a consistent and comprehensive structure to your thorniest issues. Piecemeal perspectives may be all right for others, but not for us – and certainly not for our clients!

    Benefits of MAXTV®

    Our methodology for deriving Maximum Total Value unlocks your potential to achieve a long list of benefits that range far beyond simple dollars and cents. Among these are optimizing your ability to:

    • Identify and prioritize your information governance needs
    • Plot the best route to move from your Current to your Future State of information
    • Make a quick and quality solutions-buying decision
    • Implement on-time and on-budget
    • Treat your critical information as a core organizational asset
    • “Future-proof” yourself by deriving constant and significant business value from your information and information technology

    Contact us today to learn more about how this all works, and how you can start taking immediate advantage!