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ECM and XXX: A Wifi Word of Woe

Information managers take notice: A man in Buffalo, NY was taken down by federal agents last month after being wrongly accused of downloading child pornography. (Buffalo News, March 18)

So what does this have to do with managing content? Everything … because the source of the man’s problem was not his inappropriate behavior, but the use of his unsecured wifi network by his next-door neighbor.

Imagine that the man in question works for your organization in a sensitive capacity – say, in the CFO’s office or legal department. Imagine he works from home on occasion, uploading and downloading documents from anywhere his wireless signal reaches. Now imagine that his neighbor is more interested in corporate secrets than underage “modeling” – still think this story isn’t about managing content?

Addressing this particular issue seems relatively straightforward: simply require home-based employees to secure their home networks. But how many of them know how to do this? How many organizations actually check to see that it’s done, and done properly? I’m guessing the answers are too few, and practically none, respectively.

It doesn’t matter a whit how strong your office network security is if your affiliate networks are left open. So I ask: what’s your organization’s status on this?

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