Information Management and Backwards-Compatibility: Just the Fax, Ma’am

What does it tell you about the latest information management disciplines that my big success this week was sending a 10-page fax to a doctor’s office?

It tells me is that we should never forget that much of the world consists of people who are just trying to get stuff done – and many of these are not equipped with anything resembling the cutting-edge information management solutions we usually focus on. (There’s a much more significant example here.) (more…)

East or West, ECM is ECM

I’m halfway through a week of meetings here in Hong Kong, and today I was struck by the fact that, different though the landscape is than what I’m used to back in Boston, there is much I find familiar.

There are cars, trucks, and buses – but they drive on the left side of the road. There are street signs and neon signs and stop signs – but they are written in Chinese as well as English. There’s a subway system with color-coded multiple lines – but it’s very quiet and kept swept clean.

And there are issues of information management and user adoption and compliance – but those are pretty much what they are at home.

I tell you this because the sit-downs I’m having with folks in academia, government and industry here in Asia are confirming my long-standing suspicion that the keys to success in ECM, BPM, and all the other ‘M’s are universal:

  • business needs must be clearly understood to ensure a sound technology decision is made
  • human factors are more important than technical functionality to maximizing value
  • controlled and standardized vocabularies are vital to both findability and interoperability
  • having policies is the best policy

This isn’t to say that there aren’t differences between East and West, or even between from Hong Kong and Singapore and Malaysia. But as far as I can tell, these manifest themselves more in the details than the broadstrokes – just as they do in departments of an enterprise rather than the overall operation.

So perhaps it’s not that different after all!

Records Management Software Wish List: 10 Must-Have Features

My latest on searchcontentmanagement:

With the holidays nigh upon us, our attention today turns to making lists as we identify who’s naughty, who’s nice, and what we want to receive as a lasting token of this festive season.

In records management, the latter list may well include technology features that can facilitate the handling of the likes of regulatory changes that force policy revisions, corporate acquisitions that necessitate policy reconciliation, and mobile workers who require a broader sweep of monitoring and control.

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What’s tops on your list? Our inquiring minds want to know! Please comment or via the social media buttons below, or the old-fashioned way through email!!

Harvard is schooled in the need for clear records policies

Have you been following the goings on at Harvard as they relate to the school’s policies on email privacy for its resident deans? It’s a classic illustration of why organizations need to be clear about who’s covered and who isn’t, and why it’s critical to include representatives of all affected parties when those policies are developed.