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The Push-Pull of Information Access & Security

The Push: Facilitating information access is fundamental to improving enterprise business processes, collaboration, and overall company performance.

The Pull: Tightening information security is fundamental to enhancing data integrity, personal privacy, and general compliance.

The Burning Question: Don’t these two points tend to work against one another?

The Answer: Yes!

Findability. Shared Workspaces. The Cloud. Mobility.
So many of today’s technologies are designed specifically to foster the locating and leveraging of needed information – on time, in context, across the enterprise, irrespective of time zone. And this is a good thing, because economic and competitive pressures mean organizations like yours must make quicker, better, and thus better-informed business decisions than ever before.

Leaks. Hacks. Theft. Ignorance.
Meanwhile, not a week goes by that we don’t hear about some information-related issue or another, be it an external breach or a politician’s misdeeds. So it’s clear that events continue to conspire against even the best attempts at governance, as internal and external dangers directly threaten the security of your all-important content.

CIO. CFO. Records. IT.
In response, executives of all stripes are now wrestling with how best to balance the push to broaden access to information and the pull toward preventing its unauthorized distribution. Where most organizations fall short is in failing to formally coordinate the various efforts. Though this can and does lead to some progress being made, the result inevitably is an uneven set of measures that ends up being unevenly applied.

Maturity Model. Program Cycle. Charter. Framework.
The good news here is that there are established methodologies to address all this. Not every one is cut of the same cloth in terms of how esoteric, fractional, or logically disunited they are, but it’s important to do something systematic to encourage all your people to pull in the same direction.

Here at Holly Group, we combine pragmatism, holism, and internal consistency to allow your thinking to flow directly from strategy to execution, and to enable you to proceed in a disciplined and auditable fashion. But whether you become a client of ours or go it alone, we recommend you do the same so you can most quickly optimize the push-pull of greater access and rigorous security.

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