Holly Group Has Done It Again

Information is tricky.

You know it exists, but you can’t find it.

You find it, but you can’t access it.

You access it, but you can’t be sure it’s reliable.

So do it right, right now!

Let Holly Group help you improve the "care and feeding" of your business-critical information, records, content, and processes. We keep a firm focus on your plans, policies, procedures, and technologies, and apply established best practices everywhere from strategy development to needs analysis, vendor selection, and user adoption. We even provide 'how-to' professional education for those who desire it! | more


Holly Group’s prime focus is on helping you make your best decisions regarding information governance, solution vendor selection, and user adoption.

To do so, we combine our inside knowledge of customer needs and preferences with our deep understanding of market trends and futures – and perhaps best of all, we receive no compensation of any kind from any vendor we recommend. Our focus is fixed firmly on you and your needs, and our only consideration is your best interest. | more


A big part of Holly Group’s value stems from our ability to pass our hard-earned knowledge on to you and your team – a “teach you to fish” mentality that serves our clients well in this era of constant technology change!

Be it training in ECM or BPM, the principles behind the Certified Information Professional designation, or classes in achieving Maximum Total Value®, Change Management, or Writing Effective RFPs, our professionals are prepared to impart the best-practices information you need to ensure your projects succeed and your career advances. | more

Keynote Speaking

The principals at Holly Group regularly share our knowledge, opinions, and philosophies through keynote speaking engagements with public and private audiences throughout the world.

Recognizing that the subjects associated with information governance can be, ahem, rather dry, we work hard to make our talks as entertaining as they are informative. We are not afraid of energetic audience participation – indeed, we encourage it – and we make use of audio and video to hold attendees’ attention.

After-Dinner & Motivational Speakers
Conference Keynoters & Session Leaders
Awards Hosts
| more

What We Do

Better Business Thru Better #InfoGov

Through consulting and training, Holly Group supports your information management aspirations everywhere from basic planning through vendor selection and user adoption, including strategy and policy development, maturity modeling, needs assessment, RFP prep, and change management.

Perhaps most important, we don’t receive vendor commissions. So we have no hidden agenda, and we stand ready to go to work for you.

Practical, Comprehensive Best-Practices at Your Fingertips

Our work is built atop a proven proprietary methodology that is field-tested and structurally cohesive. Consistent threads of logic unify our multilevel Maturity Model with Governance Charters and Frameworks that we tailor for you. And at the heart of it all lies one simple question:

What business problems are you trying to solve, and for whom?

Your answer should – and with our help, will – inform the decisions you make about how you better your business processes, better protect your information, and better apply your information technology. For in the end, it’s all about deriving Maximum Total Value® from the info/records/content/documents/data that makes your organization go.

So start bettering your situation today by floating us a note or giving us a call at 617-383-4655. That is, after all, why we're here! | more

Leaders of the Pack

Steve Weissman photo Steve Weissman
Holly Group is led by Steve Weissman, a respected thought leader, consultant, and educator in the information management arena. A Certified Information Professional and a Member of the AIIM Company of Fellows, he is highly sought after as a resource for organizations seeking expert practical guidance. Please read his complete bio here.
Kevin Parker photo Kevin Parker
At his side is the impressively talented Kevin Parker, an award-winning IT executive, consultant, and keynote speaker who is a recognized expert in enterprise information strategy, architecture, governance, and management. A former CIO, he has worked in several verticals – including government, energy, retail, healthcare, and education – and is well positioned to solve your biggest business challenges. Please read his complete bio here.
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FREE! How to Unlock Your Strategic Information Advantage  

"Key Questions" Guides To save you time and money! - BPM & Workflow - Records Management - SharePoint - Vendor Selection - Scanning + Imaging


7 Mantras for Process & Information Betterment - Watch the video - Download the poster

*NEW* Current State QuickScan Analysis

Assess the Current State of your governance environment! Leverage Holly Group’s exclusive MaxTV® methodology to gauge your readiness to move forward in terms of four different measures – and then validate the Future State you envision by matching your plans and expectations to established best-practices and our own future-think. Click here for details.  

Critical Training Program

chgmgtimage Click here for details
Information Coalition logo

Holly Group is a founding force behind the Information Coalition, a collaborative, hands-on resource for information professionals that is now merged with ARMA International.. Dedicated to advancing best practices in information management, the Coalition guides its members through the full breadth of disciplines needed to control, share, and protect their information assets.

The Information Coalition is home to existing supports like The Information Governance Conference, the Information Body of Knowledge, the Information Governance Model, and as much education as you can eat. For details, please visit www.infocoalition.com.

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