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Certified Information Professional
1) Who’s behind the CIP?
AIIM InternationalThe Certified Information Professional designation (CIP) is sponsored by industry association AIIM International, which provides the education, research, and certifications that information professionals need to manage and share information assets in an era of mobile, social, cloud, and big data.

  • This course is the first and only CIP exam prep classroom to be accredited by AIIM.

2) How is the CIP built?
The CIP program was developed by AIIM in accordance with ISO Standard 17024 to assure conformity with accepted procedures for certification programs. It requires candidates to demonstrate knowledge of six domain areas that span the spectrum of content and information management:

  • Access/Use
  • Capture/Manage
  • Collaborate/Deliver
  • Secure/Preserve
  • Architecture/Systems
  • Plan/Implement

3) What has the industry’s reaction been to the CIP?
The CIP is quickly gaining traction as a way to set employees, partners, and organizations apart by attesting to their comprehensive understanding of often complex business and technology issues. Confirming this value, independent AIIM market research found that:

  • 64% of business executives would prefer to hire CIP-certified candidates than non-certified candidates
  • 61% of executives would prefer to use CIP-certified consultants
  • 60% would prefer to have CIP-certified staff
  • 76% would pay a premium to CIPs, and 45% of them would pay a premium of more than 10%
  • 66% think having CIP-certified staff will improve their ability to find, manage, and exploit their information


  • The CIP designation was earned by more than 500 people in its first year. By contrast, the highly-regarded PMP was earned by only 58 people the first year it was offered.
  • The US Department of Labor lists the CIP as a potentially career-enhancing credential on its Web site.
  • Hiring managers are listing the CIP as something they’d like to see their job candidates possess.

4) What is the CIP exam like?
The CIP exam is not especially difficult – if you know your stuff. Unlike many professional certifications, this one is more designed to screen candidates in than keep them out. However, it covers quite a few information management disciplines, and it weights these disciplines differently when it comes time to calculate your score. What this means is that having a particular strength in one area won’t necessarily make up for a lack of familiarity with another. So you really do have to have at least a working knowledge of all of its areas of coverage.

  • The exam gives you two hours to answer 100 multiple-choice questions. One great support it provides is the ability to mark questions you are unsure of so you can come back and answer them later. This way you can run through the entire exam and then figure out how much time you wish to devote to addressing the questions you marked.

5) What kind of education does this course provide?
With this in mind, this course reviews and instructs candidates regarding the latest best practices in each of the six areas just listed, and exposes them to the material encompassed by the CIP exam. It also grounds them in the Holly Group’s exclusive methodology for getting Maximum Total Value from process and information management technology.

  • Candidates completing the course further receive 20% off the exam fee.

This class accelerates candidates’ ability to boost their value to employers and clients by virtue of the third-party recognition they receive by passing the exam.

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1-Day CIP Exam Prep Class – April 10, 2013 (Cambridge)
produced with and in support of the AIIM New England Chapter

The Reviews Are In!
• “You did a great job helping us.”
• “Excellent test prep!”
• “Good intro to key touchpoints”
• Rated “good” or “excellent” by 9+ of every 10 students
“What’s it like to take this class?”

Holly Group’s exclusive 1-day accelerated CIP “express” exam prep class quickly and affordably puts the latest process and information management disciplines at your fingertips – all while preparing you to earn your Certified Information Professional designation! (Additional information in the sidebar below.)

To be held April 10 at the Microsoft office at 1 Cambridge Center, Cambridge (Bunker Hill room), it’s ideal for anyone seeking a one-day, “in and out”-style program that reviews the latest best practices for practically everything and exposes you to all six knowledge domains of the CIP exam – just be sure to bring your best speed-hearing skills, for it packs a ton of information into a little time!


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About AIIM’s CIP Designation

CIP Prep:
Why Train? Why Now?

Slide ShowMarket Pulse

Created by information industry association AIIM International, the CIP was created to validate your ability to “bridge the increasing gap between enterprise IT and business executives that currently exists in many organizations.”

Developed in accordance with ISO Standard 17024, assuring conformity to accepted procedures for certification programs, CIP candidates must demonstrate knowledge of six domain areas across the spectrum of content and information management:

• Access/Use
• Capture/Manage
• Collaborate/Deliver
• Secure/Preserve
• Architecture/Systems
• Plan/Implement

This course covers all 6 of these domains – and more! – and is the first and only classroom offering to be officially accredited by AIIM. So don’t wait – register at left today!


This class allows you to enhance your value to your current and future employers … furthers your prospects for career advancement … ensures you can knowledgeably collaborate with your peers and colleagues in all departments and specialties … and helps you earn an important new professional certification!

It’s for anyone who lives where business and technology intersect and wants to possess skills that are current and competitive – and a portion of the profits will go toward the AIIM New England Chapter to support that organization’s ability to educate and inform!

Here’s what you get – plus a voucher code good for 20% off the exam fee – plus the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with other students and the instructor, thought leader Steve Weissman:

Welcome & Introduction
About the CIP Exam
The Quest for Maximum Total Value (MaxTV®)

Exam Domain 1
Business Intelligence
Master Data Management
Text Analytics


Exam Domain 2
Information Capture
Business Process Management
Knowledge Management
Email Management
Content Management

Exam Domain 3
Social Media
Information Workplace
Instant Messaging
Web Conferencing


Exam Domain 4
Records Management
Data Privacy
Digital Rights Management


Exam Domain 5
Info Architecture
Technical Architecture
Cloud Computing
Mobile Applications
Web Sites & Portals

Exam Domain 6
Strategic Planning
The Business Case
Implementation Planning
Requirements Definition
Solution Design
Change Management

5:30 Wrapup

What’s It Like to Take a Holly Group Class?

“So much more than your standard lecture!”

On the surface, Holly Group’s training classes are like many others in that an instructor imparts the knowledge students must have in order to improve their lot or pass an exam. There is an outline that we follow to ensure we don’t miss anything, and a schedule to ensure it starts and ends on time – two objectives that are especially critical because of the impressive breadth of our standard coverage.


Our classes are run more like mini “shows” than standard lectures in that they include videos and conversation rather than just readings of static slides! There are several reasons for this, starting with the fact that we hate going to boring talk-at-you kinds of classes as much as you do, and we have zero interest in leading one. The biggest one, though, is that we are more concerned about the learning than the teaching, and are dedicated to ensuring everyone in attendance not only leaves prepared to further their careers, but truly understands the best practices being taught as well.

Furthermore, whenever a class is run for the benefit of a particular organization, the opportunity exists to tailor the materials to reflect the host’s specific business dynamics, goals, and values. Examples and conclusions can be drawn that relate to the organization’s offerings and markets, and the course topics can be given more or less emphasis to ensure that less familiar subject areas get greater attention, and that time isn’t spent teaching people things they already know.

Finally – and this is true of any good classroom experience – students get to interact with each other and with the instructor by asking questions, sharing experiences, and otherwise deepening their knowledge. Video watchers get to, well, watch videos, and while that nominally covers the nut, it’s very one-dimensional and does little to reinforce the lessons.

So what say you? Call me (617-383-4655) or email me and arrange for your class today!