Dell & EMC: It’s Them, Not You

It’s been two weeks since the news broke about Dell’s intention to acquire EMC, and while there’s been a great deal written about it – three especially interesting takes are here, here, and here – there’s one ECM-related perspective I haven’t seen that want to be sure you fully understand:

This deal is all about their corporate good and not serving you better. (more…)

Trust is a Critical Success Factor for InfoGov


It’s the first point in the Boy Scout Law. (A Scout is Trustworthy.)

It’s an old Russian proverb made famous by a U.S. President. (Trust but Verify.)

It’s printed on U.S. banknotes and coins. (In God We Trust.)

And it’s foundational to success in information management / information governance.


Don’t Forget the Hardware in Your Info Management RFP

I’ve spent a lot of time recently with my head buried in clients’ EIM/ECM/BPM software business requirements and vendor selection criteria, and it’s been fascinating in the aggregate to see when – and whether – in their RFP process the hardware side of the equation surfaces.

In most cases, the conversations center on the capabilities of the information management software: how accurate the OCR engine can be trained to be, how flexible the workflow is, how well metadata can be pulled from and pushed into legacy systems, etc. If hardware is discussed at all, it often is in the context of either scanning or mobility/BYOD (or both), for the choice of device in these places can be critical to adoption and use.