The Cloud and Your Mobile Apps: Modern-Day Metaphors for Thick/Thin Client Architectures

Over the past eight weeks or so, several clients have asked for my input regarding how best to sort through and select a cloud service provider. At the same time, students in a class I was leading fell into a lively conversation about how cloud computing architectures are the moral equivalents to those at the heart of the old thick- vs. thin-client designs. And do you know what? The two threads not only intersected but interwove when it came to the question of mobile apps.

For what is a mobile app if not a thin client? In both cases, most of the presentation layer logic runs on the user’s device, while most of the information processing runs on the organization’s server.


Why There Should be No SharePoint in Content Management

Now on my AIIM Expert Blog:

A funny thing happened recently when I was asked to help initiate a group of reluctant users into the wonderful world of SharePoint. I spent the better part of three hours presenting, discussing, and facilitating, and the only time we talked about SharePoint was right at the very beginning, when I told them that we weren’t going to talk about SharePoint.

You can imagine how perplexed they all then became.

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