Good Governance Requires Good Project Management

“Big data has the potential to improve your customers’ experience” – Any Technology Publication Ever Articles and blog posts are always touting the potential this or that information technology has to improve this or that aspect of your business. The problem is, many organizations then rush out and make purchases figuring those benefits are mere […]

ECM Objects in Mirror Are Further Than They Appear

Over the past several weeks, it’s been my pleasure to participate in a TweetJam and a couple of podcasts with my friends at and Word of Pie on the current state and immediate future of Enterprise Content Management (ECM), especially as it relates to electronic file-sharing services and the cloud. This run of analytical […]

Net Neutrality, the Cloud, and Your Business

Are you paying attention to the whole Open Internet (aka Net Neutrality) “thing” brewing at the FCC? If not, you’d better start. At issue is whether Internet Service Providers (ISPs) ought to be allowed to restrict access – or charge for enhanced access – to the Internet. Most of the popular arguments center on the […]