Dot’s Ridiculous

Spent more time today wrangling with my parent’s estate stuff only to hit a snag that’s right up our infogov alley. You see, the bank’s new system doesn’t accept the period following a middle initial the way its previous system did. Only, nobody knew that, so it took two people 15 minutes to figure out […]

Diversity in InfoGov

Just back from the excellent Information Governance Conference last week and was struck not only by the high-quality of the program but the diversity of the audience: Women and men, in relatively even numbers African-Americans, Asians, Caucasians, Latinos … a true melting pot Records, Legal, Compliance, IT, Line-of-Business executives … a cross-section of organizational life […]

Just Start

I didn’t time this on purpose, but the beginning of comedian Paul Reiser’s book “How to Get to Carnegie Hall” – which I started reading last night – contains a phrase that reinforces perfectly what I posted yesterday: “If you want to master something, start by starting, and then continue.” This plays especially well in the […]