Your Business Process Shouldn’t Break When Your Technology Does

United Airlines last week suffered (yet another) technology malfunction that affected nearly a third of its flights for the day, and at least one report related a sordid tale within which lies at least one particularly important lesson: Your business process shouldn’t break just because your technology does.

The 7 Most Important Things a Compliance Officer Must Know to Be Smart About Information Governance

Want to know whether something’s a fad or an actual trend? Keep tabs on the job requirements being posted for positions related to the issue you’re investigating! Companies tend not to want to throw money at things they don’t believe have traction, so if they’re asking for it, chances are it’s real. This is precisely […]

The 8 Most Important Things a Records Manager Must Know to Be Smart About Information Governance

“No one puts Baby in the corner.” Dirty Dancing, 1987 Am I the only one who is bothered by organizations’ tendency to dismiss records manages as nothing more than glorified librarians? (Never mind; I know I’m not.) The truth is, the precepts and disciplines they adhere to extend far beyond simple classification, and in fact […]