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Legacy Content Migration: Urgent Need is Largely Invisible

Migration Iceberg

Fun fact: an estimated 75% of today’s content management solutions were installed before the year 2010 – meaning that most organizations are now depending upon systems that at best are dated, and at are worst dangerously close end-of-life.

This being the case, you’d think that folks would be working hard to move their legacy content to something else: something less costly to keep running, something that features more capabilities, something simply newer.

But they’re not – at least, not with the urgency we believe is needed.

It’s been our experience that customers’ attention is focused on maintaining their old silos and systems to ensure they keep working. After a few years of that, maybe they think about migrating their records and information to something that will let them take a modern approach to governance, analytics, etc.

Why Is Migration So Far Below the Surface?

What we can’t figure out is why this situation is being allowed to perpetuate. That systems are aging isn’t a secret – we hear it from clients all the time. Nor are the facts that data volumes are growing and regulations are expanding (the GDPR, anyone?). So why are so many conversations about strategic planning and future spending focused on new implementations when it’s clear that the compelling need is hidden below the surface?

Migration Iceberg

We have our suppositions, but as is our practice, we’d prefer to validate (or debunk) our theories with input from the real world. So I’d like to ask you:

  • How old are your primary solutions?
  • Are you thinking about migration at all?
  • Why would or wouldn’t you move?
  • Do any or all of AI, RPA, machine learning, the cloud, or blockchain part of your discussions?

We’d be grateful if you have even a few minutes to jot down a couple of quick thoughts on the subject of migration – either here, by leaving a comment, or by emailing me privately at Either way, look for a followup piece on the subject in the weeks and months ahead. Thanks!

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