Misconceptions Hinder Cohesive Records Management Strategy

My latest on searchcontentmanagement: If you’ve spent time trying to develop a cohesive records management strategy that also considers the rest of your enterprise content, my guess is you’ve run into two misconceptions that can delay or derail even the most well-intentioned initiative: Content management and records management are separate disciplines. Documents must be saved […]

And the winner is … paper?

Now on my AIIM Expert Blog: My wife and I went to see the movie Argo last night as part of our run-up to the Oscars this weekend, and I couldn’t help but be struck by one scene in particular that perfectly framed the long-running argument over the relative security of paper vs. electronic documents. Continue […]

High-profile Mega service highlights big cloud-based compliance questions

In case you missed it, Internet hero/villain Kim Dotcom last week launched a new file sharing service called Mega that is being talked about as a functional competitor to the likes of Box and Dropbox. Disentangled though it is from Dotcom’s legally-troubled previous offering Megaupload, it warrants your attention because the well-publicized fact that Mega […]

BYOD, cloud swinging pendulum from content to collaboration

Now on my AIIM Expert Blog: The proliferation of personal smart devices and their growing use on the job (BYOD) are leading to an emerging shift in focus from making information better to making it more convenient, and it says here that the result will be a pendulum swing from content toward collaboration. Today’s cloud storage services […]