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23 Key Questions for BPM & Workflow Projects

On the hunt for greater process efficiency and effectiveness? Make sure you’re asking about such non-technical criteria as governance, metrics, and human behavior! Here’s a couple-dozen of our favorite lines of inquiry to get you started.

26 Key Questions for Records Management Projects

Seeking a better way to manage your business records? Doing it right involves more moving parts than may meet the eye, and it’s good to get them on the table right from the get-go. This list will help ensure you don’t miss anything important!

23 Key Questions When Thinking About SharePoint

Thinking about using SharePoint for content and information management? It is neither “free” nor as inexpensive as it is often thought to be, and these questions will help ensure you consider critical decision criteria that will cost you in money and time if overlooked.

26 Key Questions for Choosing a Vendor

Getting ready to choose a vendor to help you with your information management project? Use this checklist to help you sort through the myriad choices before you issue your RFP! Remember: asking the right questions is key to making your best decision …

26 Key Questions for Scanning+Imaging Projects

Converting from paper to electronic documents? Don’t forget to ask yourself these vital questions to properly scope the effort, to ensure a successful vendor engagement, and to optimize your project outcome

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