East or West, ECM is ECM

I’m halfway through a week of meetings here in Hong Kong, and today I was struck by the fact that, different though the landscape is than what I’m used to back in Boston, there is much I find familiar. There are cars, trucks, and buses – but they drive on the left side of the […]

Why There Should be No SharePoint in Content Management

Now on my AIIM Expert Blog: A funny thing happened recently when I was asked to help initiate a group of reluctant users into the wonderful world of SharePoint. I spent the better part of three hours presenting, discussing, and facilitating, and the only time we talked about SharePoint was right at the very beginning, when […]

Is All the Information About Having Too Much Information Just Too Much Information to Handle?

Now on my AIIM Expert Blog: There’s no question that the state of today’s mobile content technology is nothing short of breathtaking. People can do pretty much everything they’d do from their desktops with their tablets or smartphones – scan, OCR, search, author, route, sign, you name it. But I can’t help but wonder: is all […]