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And the Winner Is!(Content Management issues through Best Picture nominees)

With the Oscars having been awarded on Sunday, it seemed appropriate to use the nominees for Best Picture as metaphors for some of the issues associated with better managing business content and processes. So have a look, and have fun!

The Fighter/True Grit
Stories of content, records, and compliance managers who refuse to give up their quest for betterment, no matter how long the odds

127 Hours
A first-person report of what to do if you’re caught between a rock and a hard place when setting strategy, defining taxonomy, or encouraging user adoption

Winter’s Bone
One woman’s interdepartmental fight to achieve a greater organizational good despite hostile opponents who’d tear her world apart in order to protect their own

One man’s attempt to plant thoughts of content-driven productivity into the dreams of the corporate budget planners

The Social Network
Dark tale of a young developer with new ideas has a disturbing propensity to use social media in non-compliant ways and exposes his organization to litigation as a result

The Kids Are All Right
Angst and anguish arise post-merger as faceless outsiders suddenly appear in the wake of orders to collaborate

The King’s Speech
An uplifting account of an outside consultant who helps a leader articulate his vision and rally his followers to the cause

Black Swan
Cautionary tale of the risks involved when the drive to improve processes loses touch with the strategic discipline required to achieve the desired performance

Toy Story 3
Animated fable involving a group of colleagues who are detailed to be content management pilot users but who long only to return to their regular jobs

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